The Team

Hamish Roberts

Hamish Roberts Head of Production 
“I feel part of a family with At Last! Creative. There is nothing better than having happy clients who appreciate our work and really value what we as a team create.”

Hamish Roberts

Alice Clifford Designer
“I have loved designing albums for as long as I can remember and to find a job where I get to do this everyday is amazing – this is the dream job for me.”

Henrika Stasiule

Henrika Stasiule Designer
“I left At last! Creative eight years ago to start my own family and now I am back again to continue the job I love – creating amazing albums for my clients, knowing how much they appreciate these family memories.”

Alysa Sintjaleva Retoucher
“I love being the company retoucher – I get to work with all the designers on such an array of beautiful projects. Being able to bring old photos back to life or to enhance the colours and light to create the perfect pages gives me a sense of real accomplishment!”

Sophie Adams Video Editor
“I love being able to piece together precious moments and create a visual experience for our client’s friends and family to enjoy; they can relive fond memories in the form of a video for many more years to come.”

Julie Verhelst

Julie Verhelst Creative Consultant
“It is incredible to see how much At last! Creative has grown over the past 10 years – I feel privileged to have been pat of it and love that I am still involved with both the team and clients.”

Sebastian Psuja

Sebastian Psuja Consultant Editor & Photographer
“With 21 years of experience in this creative industry, I have seen huge changes in technology. When a client says that my work has made them laugh or cry with happiness then I know it was a job well done. It is these simple but powerful emotions that enhance my dedication to producing family movies.”

Brad Clark Tech Consultant
“No two days are ever the same supporting At Last! clients with their technology. I find myself zipping across town from leafy avenue to inner city busy streets figuring out problems and finding ways to solve them so clients can effectively get their photos in order and understand the technology they use day to day.”