How do you know what photos to choose and in what order they go?
Remember, we do this on a daily basis and therefore know exactly what we are looking for – we can spot a good picture in a matter of seconds. In reference to the order, we do ask for guidance from clients when working with old pictures. Digital photographs require less client input and we are guided by software data but do remember nothing is printed until the client has signed off the designs.

I have over ten years of photos to sort out – that must be an impossible task?
We have sorted 40 years of photographs out of cardboard boxes directly from the attic into fifteen beautifully arranged and colour co-ordinated albums. We are quick, direct and give a balanced objective view on your collection. For us, the bigger the job – the bigger the challenge!

I already have my albums but need someone to fill them – will At last! Creative use my albums or do I have to purchase one of theirs?
There is no obligation to purchase one of our albums – we are more than happy to work with yours.

Surely it must take hours just to sort out one box of photographs…
Actually, it astounds clients how quickly we work. By being an objective observer and professional, we are able to be more analytical and determine what are the appropriate and compelling photographs to use. We remain focused on the editing process rather than being distracted by ‘old memories’. Clients are amazed at how efficient and therapeutic the process is.