Scanning, Restoration & Photo Retouching

Old family photographs and negatives can be scanned in our office allowing for care and confidentiality. We scan at a high-resolution for maximum reprint benefit. This is the perfect way to digitalise and back up these precious images. We can supply multiple copies on CDs/USBs.
We also offer a restoration service for bringing those old, damaged family photos back to life. Using advanced Photoshop techniques, we can repair scratches and tears as well as bringing back the vibrancy of faded colours.
Our tech-savvy retouchers can clean up and enhance your recent pictures as well – removing distracting elements from the background, cleaning up blemishes and correcting skin tones. Get creative with your pictures – why not turn your little girl into a fairy and create a poster. We can manipulate your images and create some fabulous photograph’s for presents, birthday cards and invitations.